Openness, transparency and accountability are guiding principles of the Government of Canada. Corporate reporting and the proactive disclosure of information enables Canadians to better able to hold Parliament, their government and public sector officials to account.

Mandate letter from the Prime Minister

Specific direction on the priorities, goals and role of the minister responsible for FedNor.

Briefing Materials

Minister and Deputy Minister’s transition materials

Departmental reports

FedNor’s priorities, planned activities, expected results, and resource requirements

Audits and Evaluations

Audit and evaluation reports of FedNor’s programs, policies and initiatives

Access to Information and Privacy

Submit an access to information or privacy request or view our annual reports.

Proactive disclosure

Grants and Contributions

Disclosure of transfers of money to funding recipients.

Government Contracts Awarded

Contracts over $10,000 issued by FedNor

Financial Reports

Future-oriented and quarterly financial statements.