Support for not-for-profit

FedNor supports projects that help communities and organizations create the right conditions for economic growth, including community efforts to organize resources, enhance business development, and take advantage of strategic opportunities.

Grow your community's economy

Identify priorities

Support for community economic development planning.

Implement priorities

Financing for identified community priorities.

Regional collaboration

Funding for initiatives that go beyond community boundaries.

Planning and delivery expertise

Support for smaller communities to identify and capitalize on opportunities.

Set the stage for business growth

Growing our innovation ecosystem

Funding for communities and organizations that support the transfer of leading-edge innovation into high-growth firms.

Accelerating business growth

Funding for organizations that support the growth, scaling-up or market expansion of businesses.

Tourism Growth Program

The Tourism Growth Program (TGP) is a national program delivered by FedNor in Northern Ontario. The TGP contributes to the Federal Tourism Growth Strategy, which charts a course for long-term growth, investment, and stability in Canada’s tourism sector, from coast to coast to coast.

Strengthening Francophone communities

Economic growth through linguistic duality

Support for projects that encourage growth in Northern Ontario’s Francophone communities.