Application for financial assistance

IMPORTANT: The program currently has limited budget availability due to a high demand. Please contact a FedNor officer to discuss your project prior to submitting an application under the program.

Before completing your Application for Financial Assistance please review our programs to determine if your organization and proposed activities fit our existing criteria and priorities. FedNor will work to ensure project applications also align with the Government of Canada’s Prosperity and Growth Strategy for Northern Ontario.

You must complete and return the Declaration on Lobbying as part of the application process.

Should your Application for Financial Assistance be determined as eligible, you will be notified electronically or in writing. A positive review will mean that the proposed project will move to a Phase Two Detailed Application. This should not be taken as a guarantee of funding. Applicants cannot presume that financial support will be provided until written approval is obtained through a signed contribution agreement. Any costs incurred prior to project approval are normally ineligible.

Please note that applications for financial assistance for a Youth Internship use a one-phase process.

An incomplete Application cannot be processed and will be returned to the applicant identifying the information required.


Save the application link to your desktop or to any location you would normally use.

Then open up Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Within Adobe Acrobat Reader, select Open, then browse to your saved location, and then open the downloaded file.

The application should open up correctly.

PDF version