Making Tracks at PDAC 2023

RufDiamond’s Fat Truck attracted a lot of attention at PDAC 2023

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RufDiamond, based in Coniston, Ontario, was one of 112 mining supply and service companies featured in the FedNor-supported Northern Ontario Mining Showcase.

RufDiamond’s interactive booth featuring its new amphibious off-road utility vehicle garnered a lot of attention at the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) 2023 convention that took place March 5-8 in Toronto. The Sudbury-area company was one of 112 mining supply and service companies in the FedNor-supported Northern Ontario Mining Showcase.  

Called a Fat Truck, it is used extensively in the mining sector for exploration and environmental assessments in remote, hard-to-reach places. President Daryl Adams returned to the Northern Ontario Mining Showcase for a second year with two key objectives: increase brand awareness about all of the products in the Fat Truck line, as well as educate people about the vehicle’s capabilities and safety features.   

President Daryl Adams stated that photos and videos show what the Fat Truck looks like but seeing it in person allows for a fuller sensory experience. According to Adams, that’s when one can truly appreciate its scale, comfort and safety features. 

“The true measure,” explained Adams, “occurs when you sit in the vehicle and view the instrument panel in front of you with its essential gauges and driver information for safe operation that includes a digital inclinometer with visual and audible warnings for steep terrain.” 

Driving Sales

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Participation in the FedNor pavilion allowed RufDiamond President Daryl Adams to show off all the safety features of his Fat Truck.

With his company’s primary focus on mine exploration, participation at PDAC just made good business sense. Adams smiled as he said that exposure at PDAC through visits, social media and word-of-mouth had already paid dividends after his very first day.  

“I received a call from a mine in a situation where they needed a Fat Truck immediately to run a cable across ice that was breaking up. They had tried every other means and were forced to abandon their plans because of safety concerns. The Fat Truck was the only vehicle that could do the job safely.”

Adams says the client had heard about the Fat Truck at the Northern Ontario Mining Showcase and ordered one that morning.

Since 2015, FedNor has been a major sponsor of the showcase which has provided Northern Ontario organizations and businesses with an opportunity to highlight their products and services to a global audience, increase sales, access new markets and establish new domestic and international partnerships.