FedNor's social media protocol

FedNor uses Twitter, a free messaging service, as one tool in its efforts to communicate clearly, quickly and in an interesting manner to Canadians interested in information related to FedNor events and announcements, and economic development in Northern Ontario.

FedNor’s @FedNor account is managed by Communications.

Official Policy

Our Tweets should not be considered the authoritative source of policy or guidance on services and programs from FedNor. FedNor’s official communications will be made through more traditional channels: official publications, speeches, statements to the traditional media and the FedNor website.


The content we provide using Twitter is based on anticipated public interest about FedNor programs and initiatives, as well as economic development in Northern Ontario.


Tweets we repeat do not imply endorsement on the part of FedNor. We may retweet news, links and personal observations we believe are relevant to our focus on economic development and outreach.


FedNor’s decision to follow a particular Twitter user does not imply endorsement of any kind. We follow accounts on Twitter we believe are relevant to the mandate of our work, specifically as it relates to economic development in Northern Ontario.


Similarly, the appearance of a Twitter user as a follower of @FedNor does not imply endorsement. FedNor will only take steps to remove or block a follower when that follower is automated or tweets offensive material.

Replies and Messages

We will read all @replies and Direct Messages sent to us and, when necessary, will respond to them in their language of origin.


Twitter is not a Government of Canada website. Users are encouraged to read Twitter’s Privacy Policy.  For guidance on how to protect your privacy on Twitter, review Twitter’s Safety: Private Information.

Official Languages

FedNor’s tweets are composed and delivered in both official languages. If a tweet is meant to highlight a link to content found elsewhere on the Web, the tweet will be sent in the language of the content it links to. Similarly, a retweet will only be delivered in the language of the original author.


Twitter, as a third-party network, is not bound by Government of Canada policies for Web accessibility. However, the Government of Canada is committed to achieving a high standard of accessibility – if you have any problems accessing any information on Twitter, please visit our website for fully accessible content.


We aim to update and monitor our Twitter account during regular office hours (Eastern Time), Monday to Friday, excluding holidays.

Questions and Media Requests

We encourage you to contact FedNor Communications to make a media request.

For funding requests, please refer to FedNor’s website for more information.