Bucky’s BBQ Blend spices up the Royal

Bucky’s BBQ Blend at the 2023 Royal Winter Agricultural Fair

Two people stand in front of a fair booth. Containers of spice blends sit on a table.

Bucky’s BBQ blend was a hit with visitors at the 2023 edition of the Fair.

Every year in November, 300,000 people visit the Royal Winter Agricultural Fair in Toronto to celebrate the very best food, livestock and horsemanship this country has to offer.

For two years running, Bucky's BBQ Blend has been front and centre spicing things up as part of FedNor-supported Northern Ontario Agri-Food Pavilion. Company Founder, Dan "Bucky" Larocque credits showcasing his all-natural, sugar-free spices at this world-class event for helping him take his business to the next level.

“Joining the FedNor pavilion was better than I imagined,” said Larocque. “Having so many producers, consumers and industry professionals in one place was a tremendous opportunity and I jumped at it.  It helped me create new partnerships, increase sales, access new markets and build a loyal following of spice lovers who might not have found me otherwise.”

It all started in 2019, when Larocque’s passion for food and love for cooking was put to the test by new dietary restrictions resulting from a Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis. He quickly discovered how hard it was to find all-natural, sugar-free spices that didn’t compromise taste. Immediately recognizing an opportunity to help himself and others, Dan took matters into his own hands and Bucky's BBQ Blend was born.

“Specializing in high-quality spices with no added sugar or preservatives, Bucky's BBQ Blend will enhance your cooking experience without compromising your health,” said Larocque. “Our unique blend of spices have a four-year shelf life and are made in Ontario with care and attention to detail. We are passionate about what we do and committed to delivering the best possible product.”

Bucky’s BBQ Blend spices on display

Five spice bottles are lined up in a row.

Bucky’s BBQ Blend has a variety of mixes to satisfy the cravings of spice connoisseurs.

From humble beginnings to a successful business, Bucky's BBQ Blend is now popping up for sale in markets, specialty stores and supermarkets across Ontario, including major retailers like the Real Canadian Super Store. You can also find Bucky's BBQ Blend in many of your favourite Northern Ontario products including Nickel City Cheese, Lady Cobra sauces, Local Jerky, rimming a Caesar at Rheault Distillery, and spicing up wings at some of the best eateries in the region.

What started out as a personal goal to create amazing spices has evolved into a mission to get Bucky's BBQ Blend into the hands of food lovers everywhere. The good news is, spice connoisseurs won’t have to look far to find this Northern Ontario gem. Thanks to FedNor support, the launch of its online store, a growing social media presence, partnerships forged at the Royal, and a larger packaging deal on the way, this Sudbury-based business is geared up for big things in the future.